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CN100C is a low-cost, silver-free solder alloy originally developed and marketed by Nihon Superior as SN100C. It is manufactured using the exact chemical composition and exhibits excellent soldering characteristics that are superior to SAC alloys. CN100C is a Tin/Copper/Nickel alloy with a Germanium aditive that promotes wetting with reduced dross in wave and hand soldering applications. CN100C is direct replacement for SN100C and may be used with existing solder baths, equipment and fluxes.

CN100C is available in flux-cored and solid wire, bar, foil and preforms. We can manufacture a wide range of wire diameters from .006 and bar weights to your requirements. Please contact us for your specific needs. 


  • Smooth solder joints with no visivle shrinkage effects
  • Excellent through-hole penetration and topside fillet
  • Low dissolution of copper from boards and components into solder pot
  • J-STD-006 compliant


  • Alloy Composition .7 Cu/.05 Ni/Ge .009, balance Sn (weight %)
  • Melting Temperature 227° C Eutectic 
  • 441° F
  • Density 7.4 g/cm3 
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