Caulking Lead for Joints


Lead Wool

Long, fine, uniform strands of chemical grade lead are used in the manufacture of Lead Wool, which is then twisted into 5/8” rope for use in lead shielding and caulking. Certified to meet Federal Specification QQC-40. Lead Wool is preferred for caulking joints because it requires no heat and does not contract upon cooling as does a poured joint. Available in 5 lb. boxes, packed 50 lbs. per carton.

Caulking Lead

Canfield’s Caulking Lead is manufactured using only the highest-grade lead. This caulking lead for joints is of the highest grade. It is available in 25 lb. ingots which contain five 5 lb. sections per strip.

Sheet Lead

Used for medical radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging, anti-corrosive linings, and specialty waterproofing applications. Mfg. on a high-speed production mill to commercial and federal standards while recognizing all safety and environmental regulations. Lead is a great choice of material for many applications due to its dense and malleable nature.

Available from 1/32” thickness in standard sheet sizes as well as custom cuts.