Industrial Solder Paste



Commercial Solder Paste provides the convenience of fluxing and soldering in one step. It is a mixture of fine grade alloyed solder powder and a highly active zinc chloride flux vehicle. It is for non-electronic applications and available in most common soldering alloys including lead free alloys.
Commercial Solder Paste has a thickening agent that gives the paste the ability to cling to surfaces. Typical metal content is 75% by weight. It is applied by brush, spatula, or syringe type dispenser. Reflow is accomplished in an oven, by torch, or by iron.
The highly active zinc chloride based flux system is appropriate for many types of industrial solder alloys and base metals. Warm water is used to clean any residues, especially for critical metal surfaces. It is not appropriate for sensitive electronic applications.

Use Guidelines:
Pastes - Store between 4° and 25°C. Stir 1 to 2 minutes prior to use. Keep covered when not in use. Do not use if the paste is dried out. Dispose of used paste per all appropriate laws and regulations.