Industrial Metal Alloy Solders

Canfield Technologies manufactures a complete line of tin/lead alloys for many industrial applications. We can make all industrial solder alloys available and we can also custom make an alloy for your specific needs. We furnish these products in cast bar of various weights and sizes. Extruded bar is also available, but the sizes available are dependent on the alloy and die design. Contact us with your requirements, and if you don't know the specification, we can provide it for you.

Canfield Technologies manufactures all grades of tin-based, and lead-based babbitts for the broadest range of bearing applications including steam and hydraulic turbines, electric motors, pumps, compressors, mills (rolling and ball), crushers, fans, gearboxes and mine hoists. Additionally, Canfield's babbitt metals are widely used by the electronic industry for spraying and coating resistors, capacitors and other passive components.

All Canfield's babbitt bearing alloys are tested for tin, antimony, lead, copper, iron, arsenic, bismuth, zinc, aluminum and cadmium to ensure that all products meet ASTM B-23 or your demanding specification. Babbitt is available in bars, ingots and wire of every diameter on 25# reels and 250# Pay-Off Paks. Note: Other babbitt compositions available upon request.