Soldering and Silver Brazing Alloys


-CAN Brazing alloys comes in all standard formulations to suit many brazing applications. All SIL-CAN Brazing Alloys meet applicable military and government specifications. Available in stick, rod, wire, preforms and rings. Brazing flux is also available

The most widely used type of mechanized brazing is torch brazing. This type is most recommended in smaller production uses or in most specific operations.

Canfield Sil-Can® Brazing Alloys


Extremely fluid, economical alloy for close fitting joints with clearances from .001 to .003. It is self-fluxing on copper and contains no silver. Brazing temperatures 1350F to 1550F.


More economical than SIL-CAN 15, with a slightly higher melting range. It’s a tough ductile alloy for brazing on average joint clearances. Conforms to ASTM BcuP-3 and contains 5% silver. Brazing temperature is 1300F.


Most widely used and easiest to use silver brazing alloy for copper and copper alloys, combining the highest ductility with the lowest brazing temperatures. It is used when close fit-ups cannot be maintained and is self-fluxing on copper to copper joints. Ideal on air conditioners, radiators, electrical connections, etc. Contains 15% silver. Brazing temperature is 1300F.

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(Use SIL-CAN LIQUID SOLDERING FLUX when soldering stainless.)

Sil-Can Alloy  Nom. Comp. %
  Temperature F

AWS: A5.8-62

ASTM: B260-62T

Ag Cu Zn Other Solid Liquid
Sil-Can 0 - 93 - 7 Phos. 1310 1460 BcuP-2
Sil-Can 5 5 89 - 6 Phos. 1190 1480 BcuP-3
Sil-Can 15 15 80 - 5 Phos. 1195 1470 BcuP-5

SIL-CAN Alloys meet appropriate Federal Spec. QQ-B-650a & QQ-B-654.

SIL-CAN 0 – 15 have a specific gravity of approximately .30 lbs. per cubic inch.