Lead-Free Silvergleem Solder



Silvergleem solder is a distinctive silver solder that adds a rich luxurious finish to all your jewelry pieces and stained glass art. This solder is lead-free and non-toxic. It is ideal on jewelry, boxes, art pieces, dishes that hold food, or any elegant piece you are creating. This solder has “instant freeze”….it makes the perfect beaded seams or sculpted pattern seams. Leave it in its beautiful natural silver color, or buff it to a high shine, or patina it.

This lead-free alloy melts and flows like 50/50 but is considerably stronger and lighter in weight. Has the strongest bond of the soft solders and resists corrosion better than the common tin/lead alloys.

Technical Data:

  • Melting Temperature: 430°F (solid to liquid)
  • Alloy: 96% Tin / 4% Silver
  • Tensile Strength: 8,000 PSI