Solder Paint: Solder-Magic Action-Tin



The perfect soldering job is easy when you use Solder-Magic Action-Tin.   Perfect soldering is achieved when the two surfaces in contact are metallurgically (mechanically and chemically) bonded together by the solder.  The entire area is covered and there are no voids. Solder-Magic Action-Tin wets each surface entirely which you can see before soldering. 

Used for tinning filigrees, lamp caps, copper foil, sheet and overlays.  Makes restoration projects fantastically easy.

Action-Tin is a mixture of tin and lead solder powder and a specially formulated chemical flux.  It is thick and creamy so it stays where you put it.  It pre-tins not only copper and brass, but harder to solder materials such as steel, iron, stainless steel, cast iron, beryllium copper, terne plate, lead flashings and coatings.