Decorative Solder for Stained Glass



The Ultimate® stained glass wire solder combines tin, lead and two other metals to produce the perfect solder. It goes from solid to liquid instantly with no pasty range. No wavy heat lines in your beads. It's 1/16" thin!

You can work faster than ever with this solder while running the finest most intricate bead. An excellent solder to use when teaching students how to solder.

Ultimate® THIN (.062) was developed to make decorative soldering easy. You can create the tiniest dots and most intricate decorate seams to enhance all your stained glass projects.

Technical Data:

  • Color: Gray/Silver
  • Melting Range: 361° (solid to liquid)

Use with adequate ventilation and proper personal protective equipment.  See SDS for any specific emergency information.

Do not dispose of any hazardous materials in non-approved containers.