Copper-Mate® Flux



A self-cleaning, lead free soldering flux in a paste form specially formulated for sweat fitting work. No surface preparation is needed. Copper-Mate® removes oxidation and prepares copper, lead, brass, tin, stainless steel, cast and wrought iron (except aluminum) for the proper bonding of solder to metal assuring leak tight joints. It makes the solder flow freely and tin perfectly. It won’t burn, char or spatter. It is recommended for all soft solder work and for potable water. Contains no lead or solder. Great for all diameter pipe. Meets Federal Specification O-F-506 and GSA A-A-51145C.


After cutting, reaming and cleaning the pipe, apply a small amount of Copper-Mate® to male pipe end. Assembly pipe and fitting, making sure tube is seated in fitting. A slight twisting motion ensures even flux coverage. Remove excess flux from joint exterior. Promptly proceed with soldering in usual manner. Excess flux should be wiped off immediately after soldering. Flush system with water to rinse away any residue.

Copper-Mate® is designed for lead-free and all other soldering: