Silverflo® Lead-Free Solder



Lead-Free Silver Bearing Alloy:

  • Lead-free solder is alloyed from pure virgin metals
  • Economical to use when lead-free solder is required
  • Meets all State and Federal Specifications for potable water applications
  • Free of lead, zinc, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, and antimony
  • Moderate priced lead-free alloy with silver
  • For use on pipe up to 2”
  • Wider pasty range allows for easier rework


Sealing, joining, coating and filling of all solderable metals. Used in plumbing, heating and industrial applications. The solder to use on copper, brass, bronze, galvanized iron, steel, stainless steel and most other solderable alloys that require maximum reliability of solder joints.

Technical Data:

  • Temperature Range: 420⁰ - 460⁰ F
  • Shear Strength: 6,800 PSI (room temperature)
  • Tensile Strength: 7,100 PSI (room temperature)

Fluxes:  Use with Canfield’s Water-Soluble Flux or Copper-Mate® Self-Cleaning Soldering Paste Flux.

Compliance codes/standards:

  • IAPMO ApprovedUniform Plumbing Code (UPC®)
  • Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC®)
  • Intertional Plumbing Code (IPC®)
  • ASTM B32-2008
  • California Health & Safety Code #116875 (low lead)